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Event capture

The University Libraries' Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) provides high-quality video recording and live video streaming services for scholarly events (lectures, speaker series, conference keynotes, etc.) on or close to campus. We are available to capture conference keynotes, research forums, and final project presentations. These events must be Virginia Tech sponsored events, and specifically exclude course recordings, candidate presentations, social events, and marketing videos.

The event capture service is free for events limited to 120 minutes or less and that fall within the normal business hours of 8:00 am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. We will entertain free capture of longer events, or events outside of normal business hours, but we will have to meet early with planners and stakeholders to explore the possibility of an extended capture or extended hours. Outside of normal business hours, we frequently encounter additional labor or equipment costs that would need to be recovered.


Schedule an event

To schedule an event recording, please use our online event capture service request form.

After you submit your proposal for event capture, we will contact your event coordinator within two business days to let you know if the proposal has been accepted. Given acceptance of your proposal, we will explain the next steps for capturing your event, including but not limited to:

  • speaker's permission form(s)
  • any applicable payment forms
  • supplemental materials to be submitted (PowerPoint slides, external AV sources, etc.)

Before the event itself, a member of the event capture team will meet with the event coordinator at the event venue to determine lighting and audio needs. We will work with the event coordinator to find a convenient time for this meeting.

Your event coordinator will also be asked to provide a list of presenters/speakers for the event. Unless the event venue provides audio, we will need to place a microphone on each presenter.

The event capture team understands that events may have to be rescheduled for many reasons. If your event has to be rescheduled, contact the event capture team as soon as possible and we will work with you to try to meet the new schedule. If your event is cancelled or rescheduled and the event capture team is not notified, we will submit an invoice for a one-time $50 missed event fee.

Event recording

At the event itself, an event capture videographer will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of an event.

Speakers will be provided with a small, clip-on wireless microphone and belt pack. Library personnel will position the microphone and conduct audio tests before beginning the recording. In the event of panel discussions or similar events, we will provide table microphones as necessary for quality audio capture. Unless prior arrangements have been made, please have digital copies of slides or other supplementary materials available for the event capture team at the event.

Editing and video production

We are unable to provide extensive video editing for free. Your event will receive some processing, to include a title card with the name of your event, the date, and other text as may be appropriate on a black background at the beginning of the video. We will insert a Recorded and archived by Virginia Tech's University Libraries card at the end. Your event will be deposited into VTechWorks and you will receive a URI for linking or embedding. Other editing and production services are available on a negotiated fee basis, typically at cost-recovery for any media (DVDs, etc.) and at a rate of $25/hour.

Live streaming

We can provide live video streaming of your event given available high-speed internet connectivity (wired ethernet connections preferred) and proper coordination with the event capture team. Please contact the event capture team a minimum of 10 business days prior to your event to discuss live streaming.

Video (and supplemental materials) archiving

The event recording will be deposited into VTechWorks , the Virginia Tech institutional repository managed by the University Libraries. Once the recording has been deposited, you will receive a URI for linking or embedding the event recording. VTechWorks' purpose is to highlight, preserve, and provide unrestricted access to the work of faculty, staff, and students, as well as the intellectual output of the university in its land-grant mission to serve the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world community through the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

Contact us

General questions can be sent to our email address.

More detailed questions can be directed to the CDRS staffer responsible for the service or resource. See our people page for a list of staffers.

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