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Virginia Tech Libraries' Center for Digital Research and Scholarship strives to facilitate excellence in digital research. The center is built on three core themes: partnerships, technology, and services. We strive to partner with individual faculty, research labs, centers, and institutes to solve academic-based problems through applied research in information science, and we offer campus-wide curation, collaboration, and consulting services that support the lifecycle of digital data and scholarship at Virginia Tech.


We conduct applied research in information science in partnership with faculty, research institutes, centers, and labs across campus.


CDRS offers curation services for dataset and related data management planning tools. We also offer a variety of instructional services on data management planning and programming skills for handling and manipulating data.


Data curation is the management of data throughout its lifecycle, from creation and initial storage to the time when it is archived for posterity or becomes obsolete and is deleted. The main purpose of data curation is to ensure that data is reliably retrievable for future research purposes or reuse. CDRS offers assistance with all steps in that lifecycle.


DLA (Digital Library and Archives) Collections include ImageBase (digital image database), ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations), the International Archive of Women in Architecture Biographical Database, over three dozen ejournals, and the Virginia Tech Faculty Projects Archives.


CDRS sponsors workshops, seminars, speakers, and other events in support of its mission.

Contact us

General questions can be sent to our email address.

More detailed questions can be directed to the CDRS staffer responsible for the service or resource. See our people page for a list of staffers.

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